Whether you are a buyer, seller or owner of a home with EIFS (synthetic stucco), an EIFS / Stucco moisture inspection by Front Gate Services is a smart choice.   After a certified inspection and any necessary repairs, your home will qualify for a MoistureFree Warranty (for an additional cost).

As a homebuyer, you will have a better understanding of the home you are purchasing and have the option to purchase a MoistureFree Warranty for future peace of mind.  As a home seller, EIFS homes with a MoistureFree Warranty typically sell faster and for a higher price.  As a homeowner, a moisture inspection will allow you to identify and repair problems prior to any damage getting worse.

Improperly installed siding can allow water to enter behind the siding and penetrate into your home.  In the United States alone, an estimated $12 billion of moisture damage occurs in residential homes each year.  Typically, most homeowners are completely unaware of the damage being caused by moisture in their homes.

A certified EIFS moisture inspector will visually inspect for installation problems and evaluate if moisture intrusion and subsequent damage has occurred.  A non-intrusive electronic wall scanner and a moisture meter (which requires putting two pinholes through the siding for each test point) are used.

If excessive moisture is detected, the substrate will be tested for damage.  The pinholes are then patched with a color-matched sealant.  A complete report is prepared for you including photographs, a description of any deficiencies noted, recommendation for repairs and/or further evaluation and documentation of proper installation details.

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