Why should you have the pool you're purchasing inspected?

  • Identify repair items in the pool, equipment and pool environment -Pools can add to the pleasure of home ownership but they can also add unexpected expense.  It is very important to understand the condition of the pool and get a general idea of the costs of the repairs before you own the property. 
  • Identify safety issues - Along with the fun that owning a pool can bring, it also comes with increased responsibility for the safety of your family and friends.  A pool inspection will help identify safety issues to be addressed.
  • Learn proper operation and maintenance of your pool- Understanding your pool and how to properly maintain it will help eliminate frustration and give you more time to enjoy it.  A properly maintained pool will improve safety, enjoyment and help to maintain its resale value.

What items are inspected?

  • Pool shell including: Liner, Coping, Skimmer Boxes, Steps/Rail Ladders, Return Connections, Main Drain covers, Diving Board, Transition Marker and Water Slides

  • Pool environment including: Decking, Fencing, Gates, Barriers and Walkways

  • Pool equipment including: Pool Heater, Pump, Filtration, Anti-entrapment devices, Pool Cover and Spa Equipment

  • Pool electrical equipment including: Power supply, Receptacles, Ground Fault protection, Bonding & Grounding, In-pool lighting

What type of report is provided?

The computer generated pool inspection report combines a narrative description of the pool, our observations and recommendations, an easy to read checklist to highlight the condtion of the major components and digital pictures.  Items that require repair are clearly identified and recommendations for proper maintenance are provided.  The report is typically e-mailed to you within two business days.

Can pool inspections be performed in the winter?

YES!  Although the ideal inspection is performed on a pool that is open with the equipment operating, an inspection can still be performed on a closed pool.   Portions of the cover are removed and a thorough visual inspection is made of the pool and its equipment.  It is estimated that a winter inspection covers over 90% of the items included in an open pool inspection.  We have performed many winter inspections and frequently saved our clients from unexpected problems and expense.