Water Testing
Front Gate Services is a water testing laboratory certified by the NJDEP to sample water and analyze on-site parameters required by the New Jersey Private Well Testing Act or the NJ PWTA.

If you are buying or selling a home with a private well used for drinking water, the New Jersey Private Well Testing Act requires that the well be tested prior to closing.  Since 2004, rental properties with private wells must also be tested (by the lessor) every five years.  The water sample must be taken and tested by a laboratory certified by the NJDEP.  Certain parameters must be analyzed on-site, the remaining tests are performed by our strategic lab partner, also certified by the state.  The water must be tested for: total coliform bacteria, iron, manganese, pH, all volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with established Maximum Contaminant Levels, nitrate, and lead.  If total coliform bacteria are detected, a test must also be conducted for fecal coliform or E. coli.  Certain counties require testing for mercury, arsenic, and gross alpha.

The recent New Jersey law takes a major step in helping to protect you and your family’s health and financial investment, but there are some additional things to consider. The PWTA requires that the water sample be taken before any water filtration or conditioning system and many potential contaminants are still not tested.  Front Gate recommends that you consider performing additional water analysis for as broad a range of contaminants as possible and to perform a post filter test to verify operation of the filter. Why wouldn’t you want to know what is in your drinking water?  Front Gate offers an economical informational water analysis called Watercheck. Watercheck will test the water for 90 parameters, many of which are harmful contaminants such as, PCB’s, pesticides, herbicides, organics and volatile organics, inorganics, and metals including lead and copper.

Watercheck is an informational test, not a regulatory test. Watercheck is much more economical than a regulatory test because it is not subject to the same reporting and testing requirements. This makes it an economical and smart choice for homeowners that desire to test their well on a annual basis.

If the property you are buying is serviced by a public water supply, Front Gate recommends that you consider performing a water analysis for commonly occurring contaminants in public water. Front Gate offers an informational water analysis package called Watertest. Watertest checks 33 parameters in the water specifically contaminants commonly found in public water.

Whether private well or public authority supplies your water, Front Gate can arrange for testing of any specific contaminant that can be found in water.  We also have packages available to test for a broad range of common contaminants at a much lower cost per contaminant tested.  The most requested water test that we offer is for the presence of lead, which is commonly introduced by the plumbing in the house, such as, brass fixtures or lead solder used at pipe joints.

Some municipalities and lending institutions require additional specific water tests to be performed prior to the sale of a home with a private well. Check with your lending company and local municipality for specific requirements.  Below is a partial listing of special water testing requirements for several lending institutions and municipalities.  The list is provided for your convenience but is subject to change and should be verified by you with the appropriate authority prior to ordering the water test:

FHA/VA mortgages
Total coliform, Standard Plate Count, pH, Iron, Nitrate, Manganese, Total hardness
Chester Borough
NJ PWTA plus Corrosivity, Hardness and Lead (1st draw).  The following additional tests are also suggested: Copper and Surfacants
Lebanon Boro
Accepts NJ PWTA report
Mendham Township
NJ PWTA plus Fluoride, Hardness, Corrosivity and Lead (1st draw)
Washington Township, Morris County
NJ PWTA plus copper.  Contact health department for information packet, (908) 876-3650